Saturday, September 27, 2014

Carlos Castaneda and The Flinch

Carlos Castaneda was a man who wrote a series of novels in the genre "Magical Realism", in which he was taught the secrets of life by a Mexican Indian (Yaqui) shaman named Juan Matus.

Some of the things Juan taught Carlos:

  • A man who wants to become Impeccable sets before himself an obstacle that is almost insurmountable, so as to force himself to become impeccable to overcome it
  • Become aware of how you are leaking energy, so you can stop doing that
  • Normal people, when they encounter a Petty Tyrant, piss and moan, and wish the tyrant was not so petty. When a Man Of Knowledge encounters a Petty Tyrant, he (the Man Of Knowledge, not the Petty Tyrant) rejoices, glad of the gift the Universe has given him - the opportunity to practice Discipline
  • Discipline is not about getting up at five AM and splashing water on your face. Discipline is being able to look at what reality actually turns out to be - as that may differ from what you wanted or expected - without flinching


Carlos' books, or


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Huff Post: Do We Ever Outgrow Our Lust For Bad Boys?

My comment doesn't seem to be going through on Huff Post"s Do We Ever Outgrow Our Lust For Bad Boys?

So, I will put it here. Commenter mikeholloway said:

"What puzzles me is why so many women insist on being puzzled about it. You're a primate. Primate females are attracted to alpha males. The only thing to be puzzled about is why human females, supposedly intelligent, don't use this knowledge to their advantage and find a nice, intelligent, and lonely man sitting at home and terminally depressed. Save that sucker and they'll be your slave for life. "

My response:

Because attraction isn't a choice. The bad boy - in addition to the bad stuff - treats himself with respect, always, everywhere, with everyone.

Instead of trying to convince women to feel attraction for "nice guys", we need to teach those nice guys to treat themselves with respect. (e.g., Showing up to the first date with candy and flowers, and then taking her to an expensive restaurant is not treating yourself with respect. What has she done for him at that point in the relationship to deserve him doing so much for her?)

If you don't treat yourself with respect, she can't feel respect for you; if she can't feel respect for you, she can't feel attraction for you. Attraction is not a choice. Appreciation is not attraction.

If you weren't "born Alpha", don't give up; like Led Zeppelin said, it's never too late to change the road you're on.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama : Time's Man of the Year 2012

Has murdered over 100 children by proxy with drones.

Refuses to bring the Bush Admin criminals to justice for their treason and other crimes.

Signed NDAA into law (look it up if you don't know).

Campaigned in 2008 on "Change"; actually carried on Bush's policies, actions, and personnel.

Continues expanding War of USA Dominating the Whole Planet (trade name: War on Terror).

Named Monsanto lawyer to oversee food safety.

Refuses to let "temporary" Bush tax cuts expire (imposing fiscal discipline on US Gov gave us best job market since post-WW2 period back in the 1990's).

TRILLIONS in PROVEN fraud on Wall Street; no criminal prosecutions.

HSBC now known to have been blatantly laundering drug $ for Mexican cartels - you know, the people that chop the heads off any law enforcement that won't take their bribes; no criminal prosecutions.

Obama's big "health care reform" did not reform the health care at all; instead just a big protection and expansion of the fraud-riddled Medical Business.

Feel free to add more facts of this guy's evil..

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Newtown Shooting, Guns, and Laws

Civilization requires government, which requires taxes to fund the enforcement of the laws and regulations, and to fund the providing of services. The clear majority of Americans support this, but we have been told that "we" can't afford it. Aren't we the most affluent nation in the world?

The culture of leaving people to fend for themselves is Evil and must be destroyed. No more "pull yourself up by your bootstraps" fantasies. No more portraying those who want laws and regs and services - aka CIVILIZATION - as terrorists who hate freedom.

America is not Magic. Truth limits freedom.

We don't need Prohibition for guns; we need a culture of truth and greatness to replace the culture of lying, cheating, and stealing.

UPDATE  Jan 9, 2013

This article has made me really wonder what actually happened in Newtown:

The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information, by Professor James Tracy

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stop Fluoridating Water Now

Do you eat your soap? Do you drink your shampoo?

No? Oh, so you can tell the difference between topical application and ingestion.

To apply fluoride topically to the teeth and gums, and then spit it out - as in brushing with fluoride toothpaste - has been shown to reduce the incidence of cavities.

However, the ingestion of fluoride has not been proven to reduce cavities, has no benefit for human health, and has been known for over 50 years to be toxic. See The Fluoride Deception for extreme documentation.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carbs --> Insulin --> Fat --> Inflammation --> Diabetes

The Medical Business (trade name: "Healthcare") says that excess calories makes you fat, and then being fat causes diabetes; the low-carb proponents say that's wrong, it's excess carbs causing insulin spikes which in turn cause insulin resistance (IR), which then leads to both fat gain and diabetes (T2DM). They're both half-right; actually it's: excess carbs --> insulin spike --> fat gain --> inflammation --> insulin resistance --> type 2 diabetes.

The Diabesity Epidemic

As Gary Taubes documented in Good Calories Bad Calories, the science has never supported the claim that eating fat makes you fat. 

Protein usually comes paired with fat in nature; so, by demonizing fat, the Conventional Wisdom restricts protein consumption (they even explicitly state that only 15% of calories should come from pro.) Protein is by far the most satieting macronutrient; each bite of protein you swallow reduces hunger a little bit. This is not the same thing as "feeling full"; indeed, many fat people have had the experience of eating carbohydrate until they feel sick - or even beyond. This is not because the carbs are "high-reward foods", but because carbohydrate does not reduce hunger.

For example, a woman trying to eat healthy - and who believes the CW - has a breakfast consisting of fat-free bagel ("made with whole grains"!), with some jelly on it, and a bottle of fruit juice or a coffee. That meal is 100% carbohydrate; no fat, no protein. How is she supposed to have any will-power when the mid-morning snack cart rolls around? And what's on the snack cart? Fruit, bagels, and donuts: all carb. This person is going to hit lunch time having had no protein to reduce hunger yet that day, but tons of pure carbs to spike her insulin repeatedly. (But her co-workers will see the fat woman say, "I'm starving" and think "She's already eaten too much, look how fat she is!")

The authorities look at this situation - that they have created - and say the cause of obesity is "overeating."

How Carbs Make You Fat

Each time you eat a significant amount of carbs, it causes an insulin spike. This does not cause IR; however, if you do it three meals and two snacks every day (exactly what the CW recommends), it will* make you gain fat over time. Although some LC proponents claim that this insulin spike converts all carbs instantly into fat, they are not correct. What does happen is that your body will burn carbs for all of your energy needs, use only a little bit of fat to make hormones or for other things, store most fat as fat, and convert some of the carbs into fat.

This trains your body to burn carbs and store fat, so that it becomes impossible to eat "low-fat" enough not to get fat.

*true for most people, as I explained here.


Intra-abdominal fat ("belly fat") produces inflammatory cytokines. You need some of these chemicals for your body to function properly, but too much intra-abdominal fat means too much inflammatory cytokines.

So, the fact of being fat directly causes T2DM by constantly bathing the whole body, and especially the pancreas and liver, in the inflammation-causing chemicals. (In those who are genetically predisposed to develop T2D if they get and stay fat; for other people, being fat may cause the development of some other disease state - NAFLD, for example.)

But, But, But . . .

"But what about all the skinny people who develop diabetes?! That totally destroys your BS.", I anticipate someone exclaiming.

No, it doesn't.

First of all, the vast majority of people who develop T2DM were not fat, then got fat, then developed diabetes.

Second, most people who were skinny, then got fat, then developed diabetes, then lost the excess bodyfat - whether through surgery or diet - are cured of diabetes.

Thirdly, although most obese people never develop diabetes, obesity is the # 1 risk factor for T2DM.

And finally, maybe the few people who are skinny and develop T2D are just deficient in chromium?

Of Carbs And Chromium

Before submitting yourself to vivisection (aka "surgery"), maybe you should reject the Medical Business in favor of science; i.e., try a low-carb diet and a chromium supplement (either GTF or picolinate, whichever you prefer).

  • all people should be taking 200 mcg chromium per day
  • if fat or T2D, add 200 mcg per day (total of 400)
  • if fat and diabetic, or obese but not diabetic, add 200 mcg per day (total of 600)
  • if obese and diabetic, add 200 mcg per day (total of 800)

This means that if you are obese and diabetic, and you take 800 mcg chromium per day and follow a LCHF diet, and you lose enough fat to be "overweight" but not obese, you drop the chromium to 600; then, if you lose more weight, you drop the chromium to 400; if you then cease to be diabetic, you drop to 200.

[Note: divide those doses! Do not take all at once, but one pill (200 mcg) per meal.]


Omega 3 fatty acids are anti-inflammatory. "Ohh!", you think, "I'll just pop a handful or two of those each day. Problem solved." Not so fast, buster.

There is a limit to how much omega 3 your body can safely metabolize each day. About one gram each of ALA, EPA, and DHA is about right for most people. (For most Americans, this would require eating some flax and taking a fish oil supplement.) 

The diabetes prevention and/or cure effort should focus mainly on the aforementioned LC diet and chromium as needed.

Update  July 18, 2012

I now realize I may have been unclear about protein (hat tip to Peter and his commenters at Hyperlipid); excess protein can be converted into glucose, which the body will burn instead of stored bodyfat.

So, while some protein will help you say no to the wheat and sugar, mainly replace the carbs with dietary fat. I addressed this more thoroughly in my article How to Sync Diet and Exercise.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Micronutrient Ratios

You need at least as much calcium as magnesium, but not more than twice as much.

If 400 mg mag, then 400 - 800 mg cal; if 1000 mg cal, then 500 - 1000 mg mag (NOT recommended).

You need at least as much omega-6 as omega-3, but not more than twice as much.

If 1000 mg o-3, 1000 - 2000 mg o-6; if 2000 mg o-3, 2000 - 4000 mg o-6.

You need at least as much vitamin A as vitamin D, but not more than twice as much.

If 5000 IU vit A (the RDA), then 2500 - 5000 iu vit D; if 5000 iu D, then 5000 - 10,000 iu A.

* * *

With cal:mag and o-6:o-3, the closer you get to 2:1 the more benefit; as soon as you cross over into 2.1+:1, it switches over into harmful. 

With vit A:vit D, 1:1 is ideal. As you go from 2:1 towards 1:1, benefit increases; as soon as you get more D than A, you switch over to harm. (Dr. Cannell of the Vit D Council is very anti-A, but A - like D - is fat-soluble, so we store it; I think he's assuming most Americans have a ton of A stored, and need to avoid it while getting increased D. Would be nice if he would clarify it's a temporary, corrective measure.)

Absolute amounts also matter.

You can't get 100 mg mag and 150 mg cal, and say, "It's in the ratio Jeffrey said." You would clearly be deficient in both at that point. The RDA for cal - 1000 - 1200 mg - was decided based on studying a vit D-deficient population (the RDA for D - 400 iu - was/is about 1/10th what we now know is the right amount). The RDA for mag - 350 for teh wimminz, 400 for men - is probably just a little low.

[EDIT June 5, 2012: As calcium makes muscles constrict, and magnesium helps muscles relax, have cal morning and/or afternoon, mag before bed. Do NOT take cal and mag supplements at the same time. Even high calcium foods should be avoided from dinner on.]

You also can't get 20 grams of o-6 per day, and take 10 g o-3 per day, and say "It's the right ratio." It is the right ratio, but your body cannot safely metabolize those absolute amounts. They are WAY outside what any human ingested on a regular basis before the 20th century.

[Note: amounts are from food (or sunlight, in the case of vit D) + supps.]